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About us


In all ancient civilizations there was a form of physiotherapy, which today of course is supported by a multitude of scientific and technological tools. Its name comes from physis=nature + therapy, because it uses natural therapeutic means. This is true even today. It uses:

sound = ultrasounds

light = Laser light

electricity = forms of electric current

electromagnetic current = diathermy, magnetic fields etc…

hot and cold packs

The physiotherapist’s hands, however, from ancient times to this day, remain the first and foremost element of physiotherapy.

Our Physiotherapy Centre was inaugurated in April of 1998.

Here we offer therapy and recovery of orthopaedic, neurological and rheumatic ailments as well as sports injuries.

We have all the scientific and technological equipment for every need, as well as a fully trained staff of excellent physiotherapists who ensure the best results at all levels.





Alexandros Bletsas


He is a graduate of the Athens Physiotherapy Instituted. He has worked at the Medical Recovery Centre run by physiatrist C. Papadimitriou from 1994 to 1998, when he opened his own physiotherapy centre.   .



His aim

He sees his job as a vocation, a mission, with the aim to eliminate pain, distress and restore functionality in the patients, offering relief, relaxation and hope for recovery to full health.

His love for what he’s doing and his desire to help his patients even further, led him to attend many post-graduate seminars and workshops, such as:


Specific Pressure Trigger Point, Dry Needling; Neural Mobilization; Maitland Mobilization; Craniosacral system; Mechanical diagnosis and therapy of the lumbar region of the spine; Seminars of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Fascia Therapy; Seminars on Body Movement; Body Reading; Body Types; Breath Control; Stress Control and guided physical and mental relaxation.


A calm person can be healed more easily


Menis Beltsis


He graduated from the Patras Technical Institute in 2008. In 2010 he attended the Traditional Chinese Medicine Seminar by D. Panayotidis.

Physiotherapy is for him a way to express his inner need to offer service to his fellow humans. This he can put into daily practice in the physiotherapy centre where, together with Alexandros and the rest of the team, he strives for the complete recovery of every patient, the improvement of their physical condition and of their life quality.

Georgia Galanopoulou


She graduated from the Patras Technical Institute in 2008 with 7.28 /10 (Very Good). She did her practical training in the clinics of the K.A.T. hospital in Athens. Her thesis was on “The influence of tapping on the pain of the patella and the femur”, and was graded 10/10.

Since 2009 she works at the Alexandros Bletsas Physiotherapy Centre

In 2011 she attended a seminar on the special McKenzie techniques (Mechanical diagnosis and therapy on the lumbar region of the spine.

Life is movement, and for Georgia physiotherapy is not only a professional choice, but a form of service to her fellow humans through the improvement of their ability to move painlessly.


Stavroula Levendi

She graduated from Physiotherapy School in 2008.

Since 2010 she works in the Alexandros Bletsas Physiotherapy Centre.

Her interaction with patients helps her become a better, more giving person. Her aim is to assuage pain and bring back a smile to the lives of patients.